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Online academic conference program "Society together ... caring for health" 5th time

Online academic conference program "Society together ... caring for health" 5th time

Training Date: 12 June 2021


Meeting Format: Online via Platform Zoom


Application Deadline: 15 May 2021


Cost: No charges are collected.


      The COVID-19 epidemic causes Thai society to change and adapt rapidly. It has affected many areas such as politics, economy, society and public health, which has resulted in a society that has a new normal way of living during COVID-19 or after COVID-19, as well as health care, which is a matter that people in Thai society provide. Interest and awareness of the importance of taking care of their own health more so if good education and preparation will make the number of Thai people, teenagers, working-age people and the elderly who will increase to believe. Believe in oneself Can live happily with family and society On the part of the Professional Council, the Pharmacy Council has worked continuously in enhancing the correct knowledge and understanding of medicine and health for the Thai people. Strengthening the competency of pharmacists to have comprehensive knowledge on drugs and health, policy, social and mental health related to their roles in the pharmaceutical profession. In order to affect the people who will receive the continued good care.


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Post date : 20/04/2021