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Development of Health Media: Photography and Photo Editing

Development of Health Media: Photography and Photo Editing

Training Date: 19 -21 May 2021


Venue: Faculty of Pharmacy Silpakorn University


Application Deadline: 11 May 2021


Credits: Pending Qualification.


Cost: 5,900 - 7,400 baht


      Photos are essential components for effective communication. Whether it is a slide media. Slideshow animation Or accompanying to making slides for presentations Because a good photograph can convey meaning instead of several lines of text. And make the media more interesting Pharmacists and all health personnel Are all related to the development of media for disseminating knowledge Or presenting health information, more or less, so skills in photography and retouching for use in making media in various formats It is a vital and essential skill for creating a healthy medium.


Detail : http://pharmacy.su.ac.th/dis/training/train.php?courseID=93


Post date : 11/03/2021