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Pharmacy in the era of covid and after covid

Pharmacy in the era of covid and after covid

Training Date: 20 November 2021


Lecturing format: Online via zoom webinars


Application Deadline: 16 November 2021


Credits: 6


Cost: 500 baht


      The COVID-19 epidemic situation has caused a sudden and drastic change in the global and national society. This leads to adaptation to a new normal, a new way of living during and after COVID-19 in various dimensions. including public health care at both individual and national policy levels The pharmaceutical profession is one of the essential components of drug production. drug quality control Caring for patients with medication as well as enhancing the knowledge and understanding of medicine and health for the people correctly The application of current knowledge with new technologies and innovations plays an important role in solving the hidden health problems and uncertainty situations..


Detail : http://pharmacy.su.ac.th/dis/training/train.php?courseID=94


Post date : 29/09/2021