Pharmaceutical Intellectual Center “Prachote Plengwitthaya”

Providing academic services in line with social needs

Pharmaceutical Intellectual Center “Prachote Plengwitthaya”

Expand the scope of analytical services with international standards leading to the AEC

Pharmaceutical Intellectual Center “Prachote Plengwitthaya”

Promote quality research and product development

Pharmaceutical Intellectual Center “Prachote Plengwitthaya”

Develop the strength of personnel under the organization of happiness

About us

 Pharmaceutical Intellectual Center “Prachote Plengwitthaya” started operations in 2009 and has improved concrete results from 2011 until now. The center has been established as a transaction unit or a professional enterprise Faculty of Pharmacy, Silpakorn University according to Silpakorn University regulations, announced on 17 November 2010. At present, there are services for analysis services Research and product development and helmet testing work

  • 1) Providing academic services in line with social needs

  • 2) Expand the scope of analytical services with international standards leading to the AEC

  • 3) Promote quality research and product development

  • 4) Develop the strength of personnel under the organization of happiness

1. Analytical Laboratory Services

Quality analysis services of pharmaceuticals, herbal products, cosmetics and health products. By ISO / IEC 17025 accredited laboratories with calibrated scientific instruments and personnel who undergo regular proficiency testing. Supports various tasks as follows

Physical Chemistry Analysis

  • - Pharmacy equality study (Pharmaceutical Equivalence Study: PE)
  • - Pharmacy drug analysis
  • - Heavy metal analysis
  • - Other physical chemistry analysis

Microbiological and Biochemical Analysis

  • - Sterility test
  • - Microbial limit test
  • - Bacterial endotoxin
  • - Antimicrobial effectiveness test
  • - Partiiculate matter
  • - Other microbiological and biochemical analysis tasks

Scientific equipment service e.g.

  • HPLC-ELSD, GC-MS, ICP-MS, etc.

Distribute high purity water (Ultrapure Water)

  • High purity water for use in the laboratory

2. Research and Development

Consulting service Research and develop formulas for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health products Various household products With reference to academic principles and laws To provide quality products Safe and compliant with various requirements As well as receiving notification services and cosmetics production To provide a way for those interested in the early stage cosmetics business to have their own safe and legitimate products without having to invest heavily.

Manufacture and distribute various products. On behalf of the Faculty of Pharmacy Silpakorn University Distributed at the Wisdom Center office room, pilot building, faculty of pharmacy Community Pharmacy Laboratory "Pharmacy Sala" Book Center Silpakorn University Sanam Chan Palace Campus And various online channels Via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/picenterrxsu)

3. Institute of Safety Helmet

Dr. Weiraksantikul has been working to collect accident data for many years. Until it can see many problems that are factors of accidents And danger of injury and loss of life for the driver and passenger of the motorcycle Therefore established the Helmet Institute to support the testing of driving helmets and as there are decree Announcing a new helmet standard to enhance the safety of helmets.

The Helmet Institute offers helmet testing services such as Impact test Chin strap test and Roll off test, etc.

It is also an institution that disseminates knowledge and advises on helmets to students. Students and people who are interested continuously. By competent personnel And have working experience in quality assessment Helmet directly